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You see things; and you say, 'Why?'

But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'

Medical Lab, SPD HQ [Afternoon, January 15, 2029]
It had nearly been a year since Gruumm's final defeat, and although in that time Earth (or any nearby systems) had not seen any large scale invasions again, there had been a constant flow of small crisis after small crisis. Enough so that certain, ahem, family planning projects had been unable to be undertaken.

But today? Today was the day that finally, all involved parties were ready to make this happen.

Where "this" happened to be "a baby".

"So... can I start pacing, yet?" Bridge wondered. This seemed like the kind of thing where pacing back and forth was an acceptable reaction.

[ooc: open to thems what is involved in the babygrowing!]

B-Squad Common Room, SPD HQ, [Evening, March 30th 2028]
The week definitely had not gotten off to a good start. A-Squad had returned, stirring up all sorts of inadequacy-related issues. Except as it turned out they weren't the heroes they were supposed to be, and had betrayed SPD in favour of gaining power for themselves.

Even then, things had been looking up when Bridge had informed his teammates of the secret underground Zord bay where Kat had surely transferred the SWAT flyers when everything had gone to hell. The others had been dubious as to the Zord bay's existence, with the exception of Z, who knew better. Not because she'd ever seen the location in question herself, but because everything they'd been through together in Fandom meant she trusted him.

And then of course Piggy had sold them out and they'd been captured too, forced to stand by as Gruumm's forces attacked Earth. Only Piggy's last-minute change of heart had allowed them to escape, but Cruger had stayed behind on what was surely a suicide mission to disable Omni. Against all odds, he'd survived, and had prevailed against the final showdown with Gruumm, sealing him inside a containment card for a life sentence.

In the aftermath, Cruger had tried to promote them to A-Squad, but the Rangers had talked it over and... B-Squad was who they were. The position of A-Squad felt tainted somehow, now. So after explaining their position to Cruger, he'd agreed, and had simply eliminated the A-Squad position altogether.

But that wasn't the only change at SPD Earth. Ghost had been promoted to a position on Triforia, leaving Earth's primary squad without a Red Ranger.

... For about five minutes, until Cruger offered the position to Sky.

Naturally, this called for a celebration, and so B-Squad's common room was now the site of a "We saved the world, now let's party" party.

"Hey... know what this means?" Bridge mused, examining his discarded uniform jacket thoughtfully. "We're all gonna have to get new wardrobes."

[ooc: Open to those in THE FUTURE, and also to anyone who'd like to call or... hell, portal in even. Feel free to assume you got a "WE SAVED THE WORLD!!!" voicemail if you'd like.]

SPD B-Squad Common Room, June 29th, 2027
"I still haven't lost hope for the A-Squad. Sometimes I wonder, if I hadn't sent them off to the Helix Nebula, maybe we'd have defeated Gruumm already."

Cruger's words from earlier today had been running on an endless loop through Bridge's mind all day. Which meant sleep wasn't happening. And so Bridge did what he usually did when he couldn't sleep: headed for the Synthetron in the common room and dialed up a cupcake.

"...Why are you eating a cupcake in the middle of the night?" came Sky's demanding voice.

"I always eat when I'm responsible for the end of the world," Bridge replied solemnly, polishing off the rest of the cupcake and flopping down on the floor, drawing his knees up to his chest.

[ooc: open for future-dwellers or calls/texts/emails, though i will be on massive slowplay.]

B-Squad Common Room, SPD HQ, [Evening, Feb 6th 2027]
Sometimes saving the world meant going out in your giant robot and destroying evil alien monsters before their giant robots had a chance to totally trash the city you lived in.

And sometimes... sometimes it meant filling out paperwork. In triplicate. That you'd been avoiding for at least four months (to be fair, a couple of those weeks had been because the universe had ceased to exist, but like Bridge could tell anyone that).

Being a Power Ranger didn't come with any fancy perks like a desk to do this sort of stuff on, so Bridge had set up camp in the common room, papers spread in what looked like a haphazard manner all around the coffee table. If you asked, he'd tell you it was a highly sophisticated filing system.

In truth it was really more of a piling system.

[ooc: open for fellow future-dwellers as well as calls, texts, emails, carrier pigeons, smoke signals, and singing telegrams.]

Bridge's Quarters, SPD HQ, Newtech City, 2026
Sleep was something Bridge hadn't been getting a lot lately, not with the way SPD had been stretched thin by the mysterious disappearances. Of course, no one but those who'd spent a significant amount of time in Fandom had any inkling that things hadn't always been that way. So when they'd finally managed to stave off Gruumm's latest attack on Newtech City, Bridge's eyes had closed the second his head had hit the pillow. Even if the whole imminent-crisis thing meant the plans he'd made for Xander's birthday weren't gonna happen, he still had hopes they'd be able to get some time together.

Of course, that kind of went all to hell when morning came along. Something about his quarters just felt wrong, a fact which woke him up in a hurry. The sense of utter wrongness only intensified as Bridge looked around the room, taking in minor details- or rather, the absence of minor details. The room contained absolutely nothing that even hinted of the life he and Xander had built together.

And his ring-

his ring was gone, too.

Bridge would never admit it to anyone, but right now there was a small, selfish part of him that really wished they'd been able to just run away to Fandom. But he was a Ranger, a part of Earth's last line of defense, and whatever was coming? He'd be there to meet it.

[ooc: establishy, but can be open for thems who might be in THE FUTURE or trying to contact THE FUTURE.]

B-Squad Common Room, SPD HQ [Evening, March 30th 2026]
Meteor headed on a collision course for Earth: Destroyed.

Dragoul bent on destroying Newtech City: Also destroyed.

So, you know, just another day in the lives of those at SPD. In any case, Bridge felt the day's events merited some serious downtime in the form of a stack of toast and some old Galaxy Quest DVDs.

[ooc: open for fellow future-dwellers, as well as phone calls, emails, and messenger pigeons from other dimensions.]

New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2025
So the plan had been to catch a portal to Fandom's New Years Eve party.

Unfortunately, the plan hadn't accounted for Conner and his former teammates showing up in the future as part of Broodwing's scheme to get them to work for him. Which worked... about as well as you'd expect, really. Anyway, then they'd had to explain how Bridge and Z seemed to know Conner as more than just "a former Ranger who went on to create an awesome soccer camp for kids" and by the time that was all done, the portal had been well and thoroughly missed, and ordering a last minute portal on New Years' Eve? Not happening.

So instead there was an exciting evening of watching old movies in the common room and hoping the bad guys would take the rest of the night off.

[ooc: open for anyone who might be in Newtech, or phone calls/emails/etc]

Hi! Dude, I'm not here. Uh, obviously, because if I was here, you'd be talking to me and not this silly recording... um. Right. Anyway, if you need me, leave a message here- I'm sure I'll remember to check this thing regularily. Or at least, I'll try t- *muffled crashing noises* RIC! Get down from th *BEEP*

B-Squad Common Room, SPD HQ, Newtech City [July 31st, 2025]
In retrospect, the fish tank in the common room probably wasn't the best place to *hide* an octopus.

On the other hand, the octopus seemed to be happily making friends with the fish who normally lived there, so that was... something?

Bridge was sitting on the couch, contemplating bringing Cam-Mollusc out for a playdate.

[ooc: for those in THE FUTURE. or for any who'd wish to call/email/send messenger pigeons to those in THE FUTURE.]

Newtech City 2024, Bridge & Xander's Quarters, Monday Afternoon
Another day, another giant robot. Not to mention that whole "pretending Boom was the Orange Ranger to impress his parents" thing. Which would explain why there's currently a Bridge faceplanted on the couch in his quarters, thinking about how Disneyland would've been so much more awesome than this. Then again, if he and Z had gone to Disneyland, the others might've had a hard time without them, which would've resulted in way worse badness in the long run, so. Yes.

[ooc: expecting a phonecaaaaall, but open.]