You see things; and you say, 'Why?'

But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'

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Room 227 [After the DAMM class]
After class, Bridge had taken Bronwyn with him to his room so he could pack up some clothes and stuff for tonight. She'd run off for a little bit, but now she was back. And bouncing on the bed while Bridge packs stuff up.

Marie shows up pretty much immediately after Bridge returns from class, with a sleepy Andy in tow. She's really hoping that he can keep Andy during her classes, because she's not sure if she's ready to explain him to Phale and Wilson.

She knocks on his door.

Bronwyn bounces up to answer the door. "Hi hi hi I'm Bronwyn who are you?" She doesn't actually invite them in because Daddy taught her about vampireses.

"I'm Andy," he says, frowning. "Why are you in my daddy's room?"

"Is Uncle Anders your Daddy?" she asks. "He's not here."

And then she sees the gloves. And frowns.

Uh oh. Marie decides this situation needs some adult intervention. She really wishes there were some adults around.

"Uh, Bridge?" she says, peering over the kids' heads. "Little help here?"

Okaaaay how to explain this. "So, uh. Guys. Raise your hand if you know anything about alternate dimensions?"

Andy raises hand. Sorta. He's heard mommy and daddy talk about them, at least.

Bronwyn raises her hand too. "Yeah-huh that's how I gots two Aunt Willows and two Aunt Dawns!"

"You have two Aunt Willows!" Andy says. "I only gots one!"

"I got Little Aunt Willow and she goes here and I saw her today and Big Aunt Willow and she's from where my other Daddy's from!"

And that confirms Marie's suspicions about who this little girl belongs to.

"Bridge, can Andy stay with you guys while I have my classes?" she asks. "I can pick him up for the afternoon if you need me to."

"That's totally okay," Bridge says. "Don't worry about us, maybe we'll all go to the park this afternoon." He glances at Andy and Bronwyn to see what they think of that idea.

"That sounds like fun, Daddy!" Andy says. "Can I have breakfast first?"

"Ohh breakfasts yes please!" This despite the fact that Bronwyn has totally had breakfasts already, yes.

"Uh huh," Bridge says. "Balanced breakfast, of course," he goes over to the Synthetron. "What should we have?" he asks both of them.

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