You see things; and you say, 'Why?'

But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'

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Room 227 [Wednesday After Classes]
Yeah, so... Bridge hasn't been back to his room since getting back from London, instead mostly hanging out at Xander's apartment since class on Monday. But there's some things he needs to grab and he feels bad for foisting pet-care duty on the roomie for half the week already... and besides, he really kinda misses said pets.

Which is why Cam-Mollusc is currently in his little hamster ball thing playing a game with RIC- the game mostly consists of RIC batting nudging the ball with his nose and the little squid flailing excitedly as he rolls around the room. And Bridge? Bridge is currently holding a conversation with the lovebirds. Okay, it's not so much a conversation as he doesn't actually speak lovebird, but he's talking to them about how awesome they are and how glad he is to see them.

[ooc: The door, tis open!]

For some unknown reason Isabel was on the second floor. Stopping at Bridge's open door she watched the conversation and smiled.

"So do they answer back?"

"Yes," Bridge says, entirely serious. "I don't actually know what they're saying, but I know they're talking."

"We need another semester of Creature Languages," she replied. "Then you'd know. Of course it could just be repeated demands for more seed. Which could get boring."

"I kind of wish I'd taken that when it was offered, yeah," Bridge admits. "I'm sure they totally have interesting things to talk about," he glances back at the birds, who are currently ignoring him in favour of twittering at each other.

"If you're a bird, maybe." Isabel came into the room and took a seat on the edge of the bed. "So how are you doing after last week? Okay?"

Bridge shrugs. "'Last week' was more like eight months from my perspective," he admits. "But yeah." His uniform is still a bit too loose on his frame for his liking, but he's working on that one.

"A bit of temporal whiplash?" she asked. "You've gone through so much, but everything here is still the same?"

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Sky had been wanting to see Bridge, so he stopped by his room. He knocked on the door frame.

"Oh, hey, Sky," Bridge says, looking over and giving him a smile.

"Hey. I'm glad you're back home," said Sky, taking a step inside. "And that you're alright."

"Yeah, uh. Me too," Bridge says. "Definitely glad to be back in the right century. Even if it's technically the wrong decade from our point of view."

"Yeah," said Sky with a chuckle. "But it's still better than being sent someplace else 100 years ago." He hesitated slightly, then went to hug Bridge. "...I was really worried about you. I went on an information-gathering mission over the weekend, and there was one point where I thought... I thought you were dead."

Bridge is never one to turn down a hug, of course. "One hundred percent alive here, dude."

"It's great to see you," said Sky sincerely, then tugged his shirt down nervously. "...Troy got taken, too. It was a tough week. But, well, you're all back, and those things are gone." He glanced around, then spotted R.I.C. "Uh... what's that thing in the plastic ball?"

"Not a thing, a squid," Bridge corrects. "His name is Cam-Mollusc."

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