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But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'

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Newtech City, 2023 [Saturday Evening]
Thanksgiving had been... well, slightly awkward, with nearly all of the hosts avoiding each other, but still good in the sense of getting to see everyone. Well, almost everyone, anyway.

But now! Now it is Xander's birthday and birthdays, of course, merit non-Synthetron food and so Bridge and Xander are going out for dinner.

[ooc: for the birthday-having husband!]

"Thank you for this place being..." Xander looks around, lacks any adjectives whatsoever to describe the Thai/Triforian/he's not sure what but they have antennae fusion restaurant, and settles for, "Not Piggy's."

"Yeeeeah trust me we are in no danger of me ever willingly wanting to eat there," Bridge says. "Even if I *didn't* have the particular, um, pleasure, of seeing what passes for a kitchen in the trailer."

"...Do I want to know?"

"You really, really don't, no,"

"This is me not asking, because I actually want to enjoy my dinner." Xander glances at the menu and blinks. "...As soon as I can translate it."

Bridge leans over and inspects the menu. "Not that," he says, pointing. "Unless you *want* to swell up like a pufferfish."

"Well, it was one of my childhood dreams, but I think I've sort of outgrown it." Xander points further down the page. "That looks like something that might taste just like chicken. Mostly because it looks like chicken. Will it make any of my parts explode?"

"Mmm, no," Bridge shakes his head. "Slight chance it'll turn your tongue green, though."

Xander sighs and hands him the menu. "Nothing that wriggles, talks, or makes me turn any color I can't turn all by myself."

Bridge snaps off a salute in Xander's direction. "This is good," he points to something near the bottom of the menu. "Has kind of a... cinnamon-y aftertaste that, um. Lingers. But I don't think that would be- you know. A bad thing," he says, cheeks colouring slightly.

"...You're pointing out the dirty food? Best husband ever."

"Well, I mean, I've never *actually*, with someone else," which Xander, of course, knew, since it applied to more than just making out with someone who'd just eaten Triforian food, "-but I've *thought* about what it might be like. With you."

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Xander blinks at him a few times, then grins. "I'll have that," he says to the waiter who's just arrived at his elbow.

No, literally. He's that short. Also, green.

Bridge just beams at Xander for a few moments before remembering, oh, yeah, dinner, and places his own order.

"Well, I can't ask how work was, since we just got back from L.A." Xander says, ticking things off on his fingers. "Weather's a pretty mined-out subject in California..."

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