You see things; and you say, 'Why?'

But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'

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Bridge and Xander's Quarters, SPD Academy HQ, [Friday Evening, 2024]
Neither Bridge nor Xander had really noticed anything strange about the past few days.

Which is not to say they hadn't been affected exactly, just that there wasn't enough of a departure from their usual, er, routine, for either of them to entertain the possibility of Fandom Weirdness or other strangeness going on.

And that brings us to Friday night, post giant-robot-battle, where Bridge is rather briskly stalking through the hallways of SPD HQ and throwing open the door to his and Xander's quarters, muttering "Please be home, please be home, please be- Xander, please say you're home?" that last was maybe a bit plaintive. Juuust a bit.

[ooc: for le husband!]

"You're home!" Xander calls obediently from where he's sprawled along, because he's a smartass.

"So are you," Bridge comments, face lighting up with a grin. "Cept you're wearing too many clothes."

...You're wearing clothes too, Bridge.

"It was cold." They're in California. In June. It's not cold. He just felt like making Bridge peel them off him.

"It's June and also we're in California," Bridge points out, because, well, even on a normal day he's kind of prone to stating the obvious like that. "Believe me, when you're wearing a wool uniform all day, you notice things like that," he continues, making his way to the couch.

"Is that really wool?" Xander has to ask. Because he's been treated to the it's not really spandex lecture at least three times, from at least three different rangers, now.

"It really is," Bridge practically whines as he flops down next to Xander.

"You need to not wear it," Xander decides. If by 'decides' you mean 'decided two hours ago and has had a hard time pun intended not getting personal with the furniture while he waited for Bridge to get home.' That kind of decides. The kind where his hands are already on the fastening at Bridge's throat.

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"Yeah, okay, yeah, I think that's... that's a really good idea," Bridge babbles.

"On the job too?" Xander asks with a grin as he's undoing snaps.

"I think maybe I might get in trouble if I did that," Bridge says, sounding only a little regretful.

"True. Plus Syd would get pissed at you for looking hotter than she does."

"...I'm hotter than Syd?"

"You're always hotter than Syd, dumbass." He's plucking at the sleeves now. "Without clothes everybody would know it, though."

"Think I'd rather save the nakedness for just you, really," Bridge admits.

"I'm honored." Also, bothered. As in hot and. "You guys at least need to wear less layers." There's a damn t-shirt under that jacket!

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