Bridge Carson (bridge_carson) wrote,
Bridge Carson

New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2025

So the plan had been to catch a portal to Fandom's New Years Eve party.

Unfortunately, the plan hadn't accounted for Conner and his former teammates showing up in the future as part of Broodwing's scheme to get them to work for him. Which worked... about as well as you'd expect, really. Anyway, then they'd had to explain how Bridge and Z seemed to know Conner as more than just "a former Ranger who went on to create an awesome soccer camp for kids" and by the time that was all done, the portal had been well and thoroughly missed, and ordering a last minute portal on New Years' Eve? Not happening.

So instead there was an exciting evening of watching old movies in the common room and hoping the bad guys would take the rest of the night off.

[ooc: open for anyone who might be in Newtech, or phone calls/emails/etc]
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