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But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'

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B-Squad Common Room, SPD HQ [Evening, March 30th 2026]
Meteor headed on a collision course for Earth: Destroyed.

Dragoul bent on destroying Newtech City: Also destroyed.

So, you know, just another day in the lives of those at SPD. In any case, Bridge felt the day's events merited some serious downtime in the form of a stack of toast and some old Galaxy Quest DVDs.

[ooc: open for fellow future-dwellers, as well as phone calls, emails, and messenger pigeons from other dimensions.]

"You do know that toast is not a balanced diet, right?" Z asked him from her place on the couch. "Even if it is--" fingerwiggle "--buttery?"

"That's why I also made hot dogs," Xander put in as he carried a rather large plate of them into the room. "That's two food groups right there. Add a few twinkies and we're set."

Z stared at him for a moment, then said, "Not that I'm picky about food, because God knows I'm not, but I suddenly feel the need for, like, a salad."

Xander raised the hand not carrying a plate, to show a jar and a squeeze bottle. "Hey, there's ketchup and relish. In no way did I skimp on the veggies."

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"No, but it is pretty easy to balance toast," Bridge pointed out, placing one such slice on end on his plate to demonstrate. "See?"

Z rolled her eyes at him and said fondly, "Dork."

"I was going for 'fiendishly clever wordplay', but dork'll do," Bridge replied.

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Data tablet in hand, Jen wandered into the common room and took a careful seat on an ottoman near the door.

"So I take it those new tweaks we made to the Megazord worked pretty well?"

"Like a charm," Bridge reported. "The transformation was way less reminiscent of one of those crazy carnival rides, this time."

"And I," said Jen, tapping at her screen, "think I'll consider that a point in favor of the new alloy in the circuitry, and by the way . . ."

She switched over to a new screen, scanned the information, and looked up at him with a nod. "Thanks for not making us have to replace all of that again."

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Z pointed at Bridge and said, "What he said."

"Good," Jen said absently, still going over readings on her screen. "Because as much sense as you'd think it would make, I don't think they'll ever make those cockpits less inconvenient to get flung around in."

You'd think there would at least be more handles to grab onto or something, but noooooo.

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"Are we watching the one with the lava monsters?" Xander asked as he fashioned the world's most awkward hot dog bun out of a slice of buttery (fingerwiggle) toast. "'Cause we need folder hats if we are. It's a thing."

It was a good thing there were plenty of Roombas in THE FUTURE. Just sayin'.

"I think it's on disc 2," Bridge reported. "Which gives us time to prepare folder-hats."

Xander nodded approvingly. "Sadly I still haven't managed to figure out how to say folder-hat in Tev'Meck. Lava monsters, no-- ahh, crap." He'd lost the hot dog completely, dropping it from the 'bun' to his lap.

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