Bridge Carson (bridge_carson) wrote,
Bridge Carson

B-Squad Common Room, SPD HQ, [Evening, Feb 6th 2027]

Sometimes saving the world meant going out in your giant robot and destroying evil alien monsters before their giant robots had a chance to totally trash the city you lived in.

And sometimes... sometimes it meant filling out paperwork. In triplicate. That you'd been avoiding for at least four months (to be fair, a couple of those weeks had been because the universe had ceased to exist, but like Bridge could tell anyone that).

Being a Power Ranger didn't come with any fancy perks like a desk to do this sort of stuff on, so Bridge had set up camp in the common room, papers spread in what looked like a haphazard manner all around the coffee table. If you asked, he'd tell you it was a highly sophisticated filing system.

In truth it was really more of a piling system.

[ooc: open for fellow future-dwellers as well as calls, texts, emails, carrier pigeons, smoke signals, and singing telegrams.]
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