Bridge Carson (bridge_carson) wrote,
Bridge Carson

SPD B-Squad Common Room, June 29th, 2027

"I still haven't lost hope for the A-Squad. Sometimes I wonder, if I hadn't sent them off to the Helix Nebula, maybe we'd have defeated Gruumm already."

Cruger's words from earlier today had been running on an endless loop through Bridge's mind all day. Which meant sleep wasn't happening. And so Bridge did what he usually did when he couldn't sleep: headed for the Synthetron in the common room and dialed up a cupcake.

"...Why are you eating a cupcake in the middle of the night?" came Sky's demanding voice.

"I always eat when I'm responsible for the end of the world," Bridge replied solemnly, polishing off the rest of the cupcake and flopping down on the floor, drawing his knees up to his chest.

[ooc: open for future-dwellers or calls/texts/emails, though i will be on massive slowplay.]
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