Bridge Carson (bridge_carson) wrote,
Bridge Carson

B-Squad Common Room, SPD HQ, [Evening, March 30th 2028]

The week definitely had not gotten off to a good start. A-Squad had returned, stirring up all sorts of inadequacy-related issues. Except as it turned out they weren't the heroes they were supposed to be, and had betrayed SPD in favour of gaining power for themselves.

Even then, things had been looking up when Bridge had informed his teammates of the secret underground Zord bay where Kat had surely transferred the SWAT flyers when everything had gone to hell. The others had been dubious as to the Zord bay's existence, with the exception of Z, who knew better. Not because she'd ever seen the location in question herself, but because everything they'd been through together in Fandom meant she trusted him.

And then of course Piggy had sold them out and they'd been captured too, forced to stand by as Gruumm's forces attacked Earth. Only Piggy's last-minute change of heart had allowed them to escape, but Cruger had stayed behind on what was surely a suicide mission to disable Omni. Against all odds, he'd survived, and had prevailed against the final showdown with Gruumm, sealing him inside a containment card for a life sentence.

In the aftermath, Cruger had tried to promote them to A-Squad, but the Rangers had talked it over and... B-Squad was who they were. The position of A-Squad felt tainted somehow, now. So after explaining their position to Cruger, he'd agreed, and had simply eliminated the A-Squad position altogether.

But that wasn't the only change at SPD Earth. Ghost had been promoted to a position on Triforia, leaving Earth's primary squad without a Red Ranger.

... For about five minutes, until Cruger offered the position to Sky.

Naturally, this called for a celebration, and so B-Squad's common room was now the site of a "We saved the world, now let's party" party.

"Hey... know what this means?" Bridge mused, examining his discarded uniform jacket thoughtfully. "We're all gonna have to get new wardrobes."

[ooc: Open to those in THE FUTURE, and also to anyone who'd like to call or... hell, portal in even. Feel free to assume you got a "WE SAVED THE WORLD!!!" voicemail if you'd like.]
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