Bridge & Xander's Quarters, SPD Academy [2024]

The nice thing about having a Synthetron is that when one has a craving for, say, cupcakes or buttery toast in the middle of the night it's not a big deal to make that happen.

Which is precisely why Bridge is sitting at the kitchen table right now with a stack of buttery toast, two cupcakes, and a glass of milk.

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Bridge and Xander's Quarters, SPD Academy HQ, [Friday Evening, 2024]

Neither Bridge nor Xander had really noticed anything strange about the past few days.

Which is not to say they hadn't been affected exactly, just that there wasn't enough of a departure from their usual, er, routine, for either of them to entertain the possibility of Fandom Weirdness or other strangeness going on.

And that brings us to Friday night, post giant-robot-battle, where Bridge is rather briskly stalking through the hallways of SPD HQ and throwing open the door to his and Xander's quarters, muttering "Please be home, please be home, please be- Xander, please say you're home?" that last was maybe a bit plaintive. Juuust a bit.

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B-Squad Common Room [Friday Evening]

"Personally?" Syd says, examining her nails thoughtfully. "I'm looking forward to getting some work done on my tan."

Ghost is practically bouncing as he comes in to the Common Room.

"Why are *you* so chipper?" Sky asks, eyeing him skeptically.

"Well, Sky," Ghost says, flopping down on a couch. "With Shadow Ranger here, I can just sit back, relax, and go with the flow."

"We still have to be ready for battle," Sky retorts sternly. Bridge just rolls his eyes.

"Sky," Ghost says, shaking his head. "You saw how strong Shadow Ranger was in the sim."

"Yeah," Z adds. "What's to worry about?"

"Guess you're right," Sky admits, putting down his book. "With Shadow Ranger here, we're golden." As if to emphasize how *relaxed* he is, he unzips his jacket a whole two inches.

Bridge shakes his head. Someone clearly needs to learn how to do a proper Shirtless Friday.

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Newtech City, 2023 [Saturday Evening]

Thanksgiving had been... well, slightly awkward, with nearly all of the hosts avoiding each other, but still good in the sense of getting to see everyone. Well, almost everyone, anyway.

But now! Now it is Xander's birthday and birthdays, of course, merit non-Synthetron food and so Bridge and Xander are going out for dinner.

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Bridge & Xander's Quarters [Newtech City, 2023]

So, the Carson household (to use the term loosely, since it's definitely not a house and not really even an apartment to be honest) is now officially one with dual-income, no kids. Well, unless the new-and-improved, now-in-more-locations-than-ever-before Fandom weirdness struck again the way it did a couple of days ago.

Part of Bridge is actually kind of disappointed it skipped him. Not that he's gonna admit that.

"I miss having space," he comments randomly. Of course, his dorm room hadn't been bigger than their present quarters... but then, he'd practically moved out of the dorms in all but name only long before he'd actually left Fandom.

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Newtech City, 2023 [Thursday Afternoon]

Okay, they'd been back in the future for four days now, and as far as Bridge was concerned, they'd been the most frustrating four days ever. With Gruumm's arrival and subsequent attack on Earth, there hadn't exactly been time to discuss his and Xander's situation with Cruger. Which meant that he'd been stuck back in his old room on the base with Sky while Xander stayed with his parents. Hence the frustration, because living apart isn't exactly an ideal arrangement when you're married.

And so the two of them were here. Standing outside Cruger's office. And going to go in any second now, really.

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